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Boiling Hot Water

You boil hot water in a large pan.

boiling hot water

Addition of Udon

If you add all the Udon at once, sudden boiling happens and the hot water will overflow.So, initially you add only a small amount of Udon(about 2 or 3 noodles). Then, you add the remaining Udon carefully.

addition of Udon

Cooking Udon in Boiling Water

Basically, a medium heat and a gentle continuous boiling is recommended. Be careful about boiling over. Although a professional-like intense boiling is cool, it is dangerous at home. ALthough the added Udon noodles initially go down at the bottom of the pan, they gradually float. If the Udon noodles touch the bottom of the pan for a long time, they would burn. So an intentional stirring is recommended at the initial stage. You can control the boiling situation by the addition of a small amount of water or by adjusting the fire. The boiling duration is about 10 minutes for "Kama-Age Udon" and about 12 minutes for cold "Zaru-Udon". Too much boiling is acceptable. The Udon don't change too soft soon. However, you must avoid a short boiling. A short boiled Udon is not delicious.

initial boiling halfway boiling addition of water boiling completion boiling completion 2

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