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"Japanese Kama-Age-Udon" -Direct Serveing in a Dish-

When you turn off the fire, you directly transfer the Udon from the pan to serving dish. Be careful because the boiled Udon is very hot.


"Japanese Zaru-Udon" -Cooling Udon by Cold Water-

You put a colander in a sink and turn on a faucet. You pour the Udon and hot water to the colander. Be careful about hot Udon and water. You wash the Udon with running water to remove the surface gooey. The Udon is still very hot, so be careful.

cooling the Udon by water cooling the Udon by water 2 cooling the Udon by water 3 cooling the Udon by water 4 washing the Udon

"Japanese Zaru-Udon" -Serving after Cooling-

After washing and cooling, you put the Udon in a dish in small quantity. The Udon looks good if you put it with a twist.

serving 1 serving 2 serving 3 serving 4

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