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Making Salt Water

You weigh the salt (32 g) and water (285 g) respectively. You dissolve the salt in the water. You can change the amount of the salt and water depending on the humidity (For example, if it is humid season the amount of water can decrease slightly).

salt water salt and water

Weighing the Flour

You weigh the all purpose flour in a large bowl.


Mixing the Salt Water and the Flour

You add the salt water to the flour and mix them uniformly. The upstroke mixing by opened fingers is recommended. The mixing continues until the whole Udon dough becomes wet without powdery part.

adding salt water mixing upstroke mixing

After mixing in several minutes, the "soboro-like" wet Udon dough is obtained as shown in the picture below.

Soboro soboro 2

You tear the large dough into small pieces. The size of the pieces is just about.

tear Soboro_final

the First Aging

The dough is covered with a cooking lap and aged in 10 or 20 minutes. This is the first aging. The aging duration can be changed as you like. This aging makes the dough wet uniformly.

the first aging

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